I have always loved writing, and I know that skill of verbal, written expression is not easy for everyone. The goal here at Hesed Communications & Writing Services  is to make that process less stressful.

The blog here is designed to be a source of comfort, resources and focus. A place for a writer to be a writer–flaws, insecurities, hangups and all. And that’s okay too!

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I’m a writer, and these are reflections and musings from the vantage point of an indie writer and published author.


Every writer from time to time needs to be reminded to keep going.

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These are quick thoughts about/on writing and its process at 300 words or less.

Podcast:  The Writers’ Block

Here you have access to all the latest and greatest information as it relates to writing:  including challenges, resources and tools. And always, encouragement!

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As a writer/blogger/author, I am all about sharing the wealth. Watch this space for links to workshops or talks.

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Here are interviews with writers that I know and I believe you should know too.

There is also a portion of the site that caters to those just getting started with writing and need my editing services! Feel free to contact with me with any questions you may have and the writing needs you would like met.

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Encouragement Pages 5/31/2023

You have to love this. This thing called writing, its storm of chaotic creating, you must begin to enjoy.

Again: you have to love this. There is a part creativity that is tied to gratefulness. It is tied to gratefulness because that is always a power source. The more gracious you are–the easier creation becomes.

And trust me, you need to have some part of this which is writing.

You have to love it. You must be gracious. You must keep going.

With Love & Ink,


May 2023: Being Steadfast (Turn #1 When You Want To Turn Back)

Stephen King almost burned CARRIE if not for his wife, Tabitha. Before the success of CARRIE, he was submitting short stories to magazines, had his work published and paid–but he almost threw CARRIE away.

Maya Angelou had the mentorship of James Baldwin and other writer’s groups to keep her going.

Octavia Butler said that she wrote about power so much because she had so little.

Every writer needs people in their lives to believe in them, to see brilliance in their work that their doubt cannot see or be seen. I call these people the YIELD signs. These are the people who tell you that you can, when you can’t.

They tell you that turn is a feeling.

They tell you to write writing something else.

They pre-order books for their own book clubs.

They follow your email lists, and social media.

They call you to check on the invisible people.

They tell you that you can go forward if you want. And better yet–they are there as you go. They will be there for you as you go…they will be there as you turn back around to go forward. Those people are invaluable–keep them! Don’t leave them at gas stations, or parking lots when you think you got it all together.

Take them with you…you will need them again.

Encouragement Pages 5/29/2023

The fact is this: the momentum you want as a writer you have. Why do I say this?

Half the success you will ever have as a writer is dependent on your ability to believe in your first.

Once you do that, the rest is just work. And trust me, the work will always be there.

With Love & Ink,


May 2023: Being Steadfast (Turn #1 When You Want To Turn Back)

Let me tell you a secret.

If you want to turn back, you can.

If you want to go forward, you can.

This is completely up to you. Yet, but I want you to know that there is no fun in a turnback. But here is what you will inherit if you turnback.

You will earn something that is worse than that rejection: REGRET.

It is one thing to get rejected over a work that you completed, edited and shopped.

It is another to allow the fear to choke the creative out of you.

A completed work can be reshopped, edited again, and submitted–but an incomplete work cannot be.

What is it that you desire to do writer?

If you go forward–there is a way forward. If you turnback, there is no way forward…by your own hand.

May 2023: Being Steadfast (Turn #1 When You Want To Turn Back)

There will be a time where you will want to stop. I will not lie to you.

There will be times where stopping would be sexier than continuing ever could be. Yet, The Turn is going to determine what it is you are going to do next honestly. I will tell you this one thing. If you stop now, the story (no pun intended) will end right there.

Right there. Right now.

And how you handle The Turn, or a potential turn, is how you will continue. You must determine if you want to continue! The Turn (or the ghost thereof) is not bad in and of itself. It is something that you need to realize which is a reality.

A Turn is neutral. It is your reaction that will make it positive or negative.

Turns are watershed moments which invite you to look within you, to pull something else out–or to show you that nothing else is there. If there be something else in you that cannot relinquish this art, that cannot bear to keep silent, then do not turn back.

Dare to continue.

Stop at the pitstop and get gas–and keep going.