I have always loved writing, and I know that skill of verbal, written expression is not easy for everyone. The goal here at Hesed Communications & Writing Services  is to make that process less stressful.

The blog here is designed to be a source of comfort, resources and focus. A place for a writer to be a writer–flaws, insecurities, hangups and all. And that’s okay too!

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Every writer from time to time needs to be reminded to keep going.

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Encouragement Pages-04/09/2021

Every writer needs a fail-safe.

What is this fail-safe?

This is a group of at least three sources that you go to verify, authenticate, and secure the information that you funnel your information through. These sources need to be legit as well! No open sources!

Go forth and write!

With Love & Ink,


Writer Spotlight: Talva

Follow Talva on social media:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/talvaauthor/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/talvasbook

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authortalva

“As a Writer, I am inspired by everything and everyone around me.” -Talva

All authors have their journeys, which is why writing is so incredible! For this author, it is apparent that words are indeed her passion. Allow Talva to explain just how she got started:

My writing journey began with me having a personal story that burned inside of me. It was a way to clear my soul of emotionally bonding baggage. Once I completed and published my first book, it then became a personal challenge to see if I could do it again.  Eureka! I did it again. I have learned so much about writing since my first project. Much like some musicians. Sometimes people have raw talent. They may have never taken any music courses, and have no idea of how to read music. But somehow, they can pick up, a guitar for instance, and just play. Or play by ear. Along the way, they may pick up the academic aspects and learn scholastic skillsets along their creative journey. I’ve been a writer in that way.

Talva the Author

I love that she says, “Eureka! I did it again.” It is indeed and incredible feeling when you as a writer dig the story out of yourself, pushing it from your head to your hands, and are driven to do it again. This is the mark of a writer that I (personally) want to read more of. She also has a children’s book in the works–so be on the look out for that!

With her desire to write and tell stories, has a practical view of success and what it means to be a successful writer. Talva does not count, or measure, success as writer by how many books she sells, or words she may write in a day! She measures success as finishing her book, and having its physical representation in her hand. Talva says, “Regardless of what anyone thinks about it, I did it. I saw the process through from beginning to end.”

As a writer, as a mentor, and as one who coaches other writers, what she has shared is crucial. You have to understand that writing is a process, and you (the writer) write for yourself (the same writer) first! Toni Morrison said, “The book you want to read, you may have to write!” Since you, must write it–you owe it to yourself to complete the process of writing the book that you want. If you can remember this, everything else will fall into place. Talva is reminding us to trust the process!

Talva likes to write about the things she knows, and is not opposed to putting aspects of herself (or her whole self) into a story. “All creative-minded people that construct products for others to enjoy, will almost always, on some level, submerge themselves in their work. That’s what makes their creative work the most intense, in-depth or relatable.”

When reflecting on what her best piece of writing of writing advice she has received, she says it is to pay for professional editing. I could not agree more! A good editor will notice what you don’t, fix what you overlook, and should return you work to you better than before. Do not skimp on editing!

Continue to slay the words, Talva! We know that you have more in you to come–and we want to read every, single word! Brava!

All Talva’s books can be found on all bookseller’s platforms: Amazon, B&N (Barns & Noble), Kobo, Indiebound, Audible, Google Play, BAM (Books A Million). Remember to share, read and review!

Current Works:

Enigma The Only Child Syndrome

Caramel Insides (Cinematic Audiobook)

Future Works (these are of an adult nature!):

A Book Of Lucid Dreams

Dicks Lies And Alibis

Encouragement Pages-04/07/2021

Your imagination is powerful, but your imagination is not enough.

There is nothing wrong with you as writer following your intellectual curiosity and seeing what you come up with! Look up new words! Find a YourTube rabbit hole and see what comes up!

Research the world around you.

One of the greatest things about writing is that you are always in this constant state of researching, asking questions, and figuring out what fits where.

Intellectual curiosity is an open door, don’t lock it.

With Love & Ink,


Book In A Year Series- Month 4: LET’S GET TO WORK

One of my favorite people to follow on social media (read: TikTok), is George Lee (TikTok: @consciouslee). He has this quote that I ascribe to: “Research over Me-search“. As a writer, I cannot agree with this more! There is a portion of writing that deals with, even requires, that you allow your imagination to run! It requires that your creative prowess be at its absolute peak in order to create the work or world you want.

Don’t think of research as drudgery: it isn’t! Think of research as brick and mortar for a work. It is an essential part of working on a project. Research has a dual power–foundation for your imagination, and ‘sturdiness’ for your reader. The more accurate and detailed you make a story, the more believable your story! Details are what draw your reader in! Don’t skimp on them!

When you start a new project, especially if fiction or non-fiction, a degree of its creation is powered by your talent, the other is a degree of research. The amount and depth of research depends on the need of the story. It is always better to have a wealth of research before you start, than to stop your momentum in order to research.

Now, here is the tricky part!

Sometimes the story (especially, fiction!) will take you points where research can only help! It could be a street map, a globe, airport codes, or even local history–research matters! Think of it as another way to fuel the fire of the story. Research is snacking for your imagination! So forth and explore the worlds outside your own head!

Research Tip #1:

Label your research! This can be bookmarks or a digital file, but label them! This way your work won’t be lost and can be easily organized.

Encouragement Pages-04/05/2021

One of the best things about research is what you might find, find out and the development of the rest of your walking around knowledge.

Research allows you to expand your knowledge base, which enables you to write the work you desire.

Enjoy the research. Enjoy the questions that come up! Understand that as a writer, reading and research will always be a part of what is required of you.

With Love & Ink,


Writer Spotlight: Dani Skye

Follow Dani Skye on social media! Follow your new favorite spoken word artist on Instagram (@iamdaniskye), by clicking here. Also, find her on Facebook by clicking here. If you are interested in her Smokin Da Mic series (which you should!), find her every Wednesday from 2:00-2:45 PM CST by following her here.

“You have to cater to everyone so you relate to them.” -Dani Skye

Note: Dani Skye’s work is also on The Writers’ Block Podcast! She submitted a poem for the SEND FOR A POET SEGMENT. Click here for that show (This is Episode 36: Legacy, Ink & Pages). As of this posting, The Writers’ Block podcast is in its fourth season! Follow it on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify and Anchor. Thank you.

Dani Skye is not new to poetry, spoken word or the worlds both create. As a spoken word artist, she is used to having her voice, powered by her words, front and center. This love of words started around age 10 when she started writing short stories, plays and even songs! This love of words increased after seeing the movie Poetic Justice (Aside: this movie starred Janet Jackson, Regina King, and the late Tupac Shakur. Watch it. Soon!). When asked what inspires her to write, she confesses that her muses come from many sources. “When it comes to writing, many things inspire me. It depends on my mood.”

One of the best things about being a writer however, is that you can have a favorite genre and try on several others. Dani does admit one thing however. It takes a little more effort to write erotica. “I love writing about everything but erotica. It’s a very uncomfortable writing process for me. I have to get into the zone. Candles, incense, and romantic music gets my mind prepared to be in that space.”

Take note of that, fellow writers. Atmosphere setting is everything, especially when writing in a genre you don’t write often. Details matter: don’t overlook what you need to create–and be aware of what you might need! This is one of those invisible things that makes writing an art as well as a skill.

To date, Dani Skye has written 13 books under the names Dani Skye and Danie James. When asked how does she describe or define success, Dani Skye gives us a reminder of what it means to be a writer in three parts.

Success for me as a writer is many things: (1) writing from the heart, (2) inspiring people with your work, (3) loving what you do and feeling good about it.

Dani Skye, writer, poet, spoken word artist

I don’t want you to miss this second set of jewels Dani has dropped on us! Writing can be hard, yet those of us who call ourselves writers all know this. Yet, from that toughness–the goal we all have is, should be, to writer from the heart. With what we pull from out hearts, we give to the world–that it may reach, teach and inspire!

With this inspiration, Dani was asked what the best piece of writing advice she has received. This advice came from one of her college professors, Dr. Shabazz. This advice reminded Dani to write in a way that people from 2 to 92 can understand it. “Ever since, I make sure to remember when I am writing anything new, you don’t want your audience to feel stupid using all these big words they can’t understand.”

With that wisdom in mind, Dani Skye is still creating. Her creative energies are focused on taking her latest project, on the road to Kansas City, MO. The name of the show: Erotica Avenue: A Night In Stimulation (August 21-22, 2021). The tickets go on sale May 1, 2021 through Eventbrite! Make sure you are following Dani on all her social media so you get all updates about this event!

Dani Skye has definitely is one to watch and we know the sky isn’t even her limit!

Much success Dani! Much more success!

Encouragement Pages-04/02/2021

Research is everything!

It is every bit as important as what you decide to write!

Whether it is academic writing, or non-academic writing, understand that research matters! Whether it is the correct spelling of a word, or the correct time zone for your fiction, research matters.

Google is a first step.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-03/31/2021

The pages are yours. They belong to you. They are yours to command.

To comment on. To cry on. To bleed through. To cut the way through and towards. Pages mark your journey, count your steps towards progress!

Fill them. Be merciless with their filling! Bend them to your will.


With Love & Ink,


Book In A Year Series-Month 3: Maintaining Focus (Outliners Vs. Pantsers-3)

Oh, now to my tribe: PANTSERS!

Not sure you are a Pantser? This means you are the writer that doesn’t make an outline before you write. And you continue writing until your mind tells you to stop. If you have followed this space for any time, you would be familiar with the terms flash fiction and freewrite.

A freewrite is when you write the down an idea–no outline, no expectation. This can be as short as a a paragraph, but a normally not longer than two pages.

Flash fiction is when you down and idea for the express purpose of developing that idea into a draft. This is different than a freewrite. How? It is written with the intent of developing into a short story or a longer story! Don’t despair over these things! These are tools as well! These tools are as important (or if not more important) than an outline! If anything it can work en tandem with your outline.

Work the tools that you have at your disposal!

Note: Depending on the topic, depending on the nature of what you are writing, you may actually need to do both, or one before another. Or one after the other. It is also okay for you to be a Pantser and then become an Outliner. It is also okay to be an Outliner who becomes a Pantser! Writing allows for vacillation and change! Be open to that! In being open, you will be able to better handle the creative obstacles that writing/book writing can bring.