Is A Blogger A Writer?

“A real writer can write anything.”

-Christopher Priest

There are only twenty-six letters of the English alphabet. Only twenty-six, these letters from Arabic, Greek and Roman influence,  have allowed imaginations to come to life, and the collective memory known as history to be recorded.

In this new medium of social media, blogging has become the outlet to those whom possess both opinion and time. Blogging provides space to give voice and space to whatever may be on your mind.

And with the advantage of the internet, there are pockets of information and fandom as diverse as the interests of the souls of the world.

However, is a blogger a writer?

My answer? They can be.

This discipline of writing is what makes you a writer. It is the motivation and time put into the talent of what differentiates. Being a writer, as Nikki Giovanni says, means you always are writing. You are always writing!

Whether it is a blog, a poem, review or novel, you are always writing. Words are a portion of who you are! Who writers are!

A blogger is a writer if they want to be.

Again, a blogger is a writer if they want to be. There is, can be no elitism when there are only 26 letters.


Jennifer P. Harris

Editor/FounderShekinah Glory Writing Services


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