What Is Writers Block?

The enemy of every writer, and our driving force is the same:  words.

Writer’s block is defined as a condition of not knowing what to think of or how to proceed with writing. This block is beyond a lull when and where you aren’t writing! It can literally feel like a block or a wall in your flow of creativity. Such a drag!  It can feel as if the knack or the rhythm even the gift for writing has left you.

There was an article that I read last year that freed me on the level only other writers can recognize. Writer’s block is a myth. It’s all in your head. Writer’s block is all psychological–it’s a what happens when you concentrate more on  the subject of what you’re writing rather than the process of writing. In concentrating on what you’re writing more than the process of writing, you are stymied. From that stymying–hence, writer’s block.

It can be frustrating to see what it is between you and your current project! However, in overcoming this issue, which all writers one time or another face, try these simple tactics:

1.) Refocus your attention.  Every story starts as an idea. Your idea and your story. Before you become obsessed with editors, revisions and audience.  It is your idea, your baby. Do the research. Do the freewrites. Focus and create!

2.) Focus on the writing, not what people will think. Toni Morrison said when she wrote The Bluest Eye, the reason she wrote it, and finished writing it, because she wanted to read it. She wanted to read it. This is crucial to remember. If you try to focus on what the audience will be pleased with, you will never write. A writer cannot be subject to the shifting moods of the audience. Your first audience is your imagination. The second audience will be, should be, your screen or yielded pen and paper. Keep this foremost in your thoughts.

3.) Write scared. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to write knowing it scares us a tad bit. When we write about the things which shake us a little, there is a level of creativity which is released that may have never been discovered had there not been an element which would cause it to spring forth. Writing is never a safe profession. It’s never going to be or become a safe profession! There are elements to writing which are never going to be safe, likeable or which would make one humble. It is the secret and public duty of a writers to record what they see or think, or exercise the things which roll around our heads. Blogger and writer Luvvie Ajayi said this during a TED Talk  in December 2017, to “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” I couldn’t agree more.

Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Writers are the unique and weird ones who pull life and work out of the air. You cannot afford to remain afraid in that title–to overcome writer’s block, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. There is no choice in that matter! There will always be a way, a topic, an issue that will make you hesitant to write. It is a demon, a monster,  you have to become able to identify and slay.

Don’t fear its slaying, beloveds!

You will slay it with mind and pen.


Jennifer P. Harris

Editor/Founder-Shekinah Glory Writing Services

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