Is IT In Your Head?

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I’m going to be honest with you. Writing is hard. One of the best quotes I’ve heard about writers and writing is it being a world inside a person. I completely agree. There are elements to writing that would make you insane to and with any other person, or in any other profession. I mean, writers literally ‘talk’ to themselves. We make up people, places, things and on grand scales? We create whole mythologies.

The makings of psychopathy, really.

But in matters of writing, that tendency to create, augment, recreate is what make the craft amazing–and maddening. Is it all in your head? Sad to say, yes it is. The cure is also in your head. You have the cure to writer’s block in your head and hands. The cure for writer’s block–is to write. I wish it were more complex, but it isn’t.

There are articles and opinions which tell that writer’s block is a psychological wall writers put up, keep up, when they feel material they are writing may be controversial or outside of the norm. I agree.

There have been pieces of work I have thought about writing, and hesitate with because I either didn’t know how to proceed or didn’t know where to begin. That is a crippling feeling–and writing, being a writer allows that profession to fueled by the muscle of creativity. When that crippling feeling comes–we lock up!

In experiencing this, what has helped me was free writing. This in invaluable tool to anyone that’s writing! It is a free-flowing writing process, no rules, no time limit, no excuses. In free writing, I can get the idea I am mulling over out of my head.  I can get it on paper, if I can get down–I can see it! If I can see it, I can go forward with it or shelve it until I can get time to continue it.  After the idea is out, I save it. I don’t toss it. Free writing also helps distinguish what work is to be expounded on, and what can be change into something else.

Worry not. Writer’s block can be conquered. Go forth and conquer.


Jennifer P. Harris

Editor/Founder-Shekinah Glory Writing Services


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