Imagination: For Peace Of Mind

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There is something to daydreaming, the free act of allowing your mind to wander. It is in the act of letting your mind wander is when the best thoughts come. It is in the beauty of being able to think, and think about what you think, which pushes you toward new thought and ergo, new stories.

It is said writers are often writing even when they aren’t writing. Those of this guild are often more out of lock-step with the rest of the waking world. In being out of step with the world, we can see the invisible and record what is never said or noticed.

In the stretching your imagination, here are a few ways to enjoy and rest in the beauty of daydreaming:

  • Travel.  Whether it be a road trip, or a passport, get out of your own four walls. The experience of travel is a cheap way to stretch your imagination. Travel allows you to change settings, even duplicate different places you have been. As a writer, being able to record what you see, hear and manipulate it, is a tool we must aim to master.


  •  Reflect. As Amy Tan wrote her books, she used the stories of her mother and her mother’s family to do what her mother describes as “change the past.” Maya Angelou took her knack of storytelling and wrote essays and autobiographical narratives. The power of reflecting fuels imagination. Perhaps you want to create a story based on the stories your father told or read to you. It is wondrous to allow your mind to travel back in time as it were, revealing these memories and basing them as fact for your story. What can change? What would be different? What outcome would you have wanted?


  • Live. There is a boldness in being able to take this life you have and stretch it before you. Experience what this life has to offer you. Meet people. See things. Try new food. Enjoy the comfort of your own company. Be drunk in the French Quarter (I did!). The beauty of being a writer, is telling of a new experiences sometimes conjured in your own imagination. Life is to be lived dear one. So, seeing this life is both yours and ours, decide to live it.


It is in hope that you use this motivation towards your own words and pages. Go forth and create.


Jennifer Harris

Founder, Shekinah Glory Writing Services


[Image from  Google, Deviant Art]

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