Imagination Vs. Creativity

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Is creativity the same as imagination?

Is imagination the same as creativity?

I dare say that imagination is the fuel for creativity. They are not mutually exclusive, and should never be considered as independent ideas. The ability to be creative, yes and use your imagination, indeed is something as a writer you will not forget. Imagination, using your imagination, is something of exercise ongoing as much as the actual process or action of writing.

Imagination and creativity are the engine and fuel which allows you to write. Writing is stale and cold without the fire of imagination through the vessel of your creativity. Think of it this way. Creativity is a car, reliable and steady. However, it is imagination which allows you to travel as slow or as fast as you desire.

Imagination allows you to construct, deconstruct and manipulate the world as  you see fit. All your talent houses, is subject to your command–bends at your will, and awaits your challenge.

Imagination and creativity are the lovers and tormentors of all writers. They allow us to bridge the gaps research or fervent Google searches cannot or may never offer. Imagination allows you to bridge gaps, make past events relevant, perhaps even changing those outcomes. You become the first and last authority for the world, lore or myth of the world you create. No detail is too grand, no detail too small.

Never see these elements which are tiers to your talent and career as adversarial. They are two pillars of the same building. They are both needed to sustain the writing process. Writing, in all its mystic nature, rests and thrives upon the strength of these pillars. They are strengthened, fortified by the ability of the writer to build them: imagination grants permission, creativity gives it direction.

With passion, pursue these virtues as you grow in your writing and your desire to be a writer. You can do it, because you believe you can.


Go forth and create!



Jennifer Harris

Founder, Shekinah Glory Writing Services

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