Words, Wisdom & Writers: You Are A Life-long Learner

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So,  you want to be a writer?

Awesome!  Let me be first to welcome you to the guild.

You are now a part of the body of artists that keep strange hours, weirder company, and have a sense of time, place and season out of step with the world.

This is a good thing. I promise you.

In this the ninth of twelve months, I must take it upon myself to remind you to write. One of the ways you become a better writer, a stronger writer is by doing.

There is no other way to become a writer aside from writing! There will be no other way to be a better writer other than writing!

The secret weapon not seen or shared among other writers is this: lifelong learning.

Writers are readers.

Writers are learners.


Whether it is learning a new vernacular English, such as AAVE, as a writer, you must embrace the fact that you will remain, a lifelong learner. A student of the world, and perhaps the world behind it.

Do no shy away from this!


In shying away from it, you limit the power of current and future work! You limit your potential in and to your writing! As a writer, being challenged is never a bad thing–and comfort can stifle.

You agitate the gift by working it.

Work the gift, dear ones.

Work them and unwrap them.


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