With All You Write: Learn More, Read More Than That

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Writers are readers.
I say it again:  writers are readers.

The most interesting thing about a writer, aside from their talent should be their libraries. Their reading lists; the recommendations they have; even book reviews. A good writer should always have a book they are reading, about to read or recommend you should be reading.

Reading is part of being a part of the world. It’s apart of observing the world. It’s a part of being a writer.

How else you can you see what your comrades in your genre are doing unless you read?

How else can you expand or flip what is seen as classic and tried unless you read?

When you’re bored and NETFLIX, HULU and YouTube no longer stimulate you (and you can no longer use that as an excuse not to write), it may do you well to take a book to relax–or further escape.

You should be reading just as much as you write. Audible and audiobooks count. You should still have a desire to read, still have favorite writers and genres!

Reading helps you to hone your craft!


Don’t trust a writer that doesn’t read.

A writer that doesn’t read is a writer you cannot discuss anything why their own talent with or the lack thereof. A writer that doesn’t read, that doesn’t see the need (or fun for that matter) to read is someone I can’t associate with.

A reading-writer is one that is serious about the craft and improving talent through the force or will and time. Reading feeds the imagination, fuels it. That fuel is needed to stretch you, giving width and breadth to what you command naturally.

Talent in one thing.

Gift is another.

Work fuels both.

Get to work.



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