Professional Networking and How-To’s:

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The crazy thing about being a writer is we are these packs of lone wolves, that want all these attention of other people through our various talents.

There is something to be said for being a writer and being able to construct you own network. You must understand that writers do not, cannot, exist in a vacuum.

Writers need community.

The health of writers depends on community!

Social media has given writers the access and courage to engage the entire world. From Facebook, Twitter to the SquareSpace and WordPress, writers now are able to find other people of our tribe with button clicks! You are able to post work, interact with the people that read it, and interact with other writers.

From these three tenets, you have the beginning of your social media connections. These connections will allow you to build confidence and a professional network to showcase! It will allow you to have platforms to collaborate with, to talk shop with and learn from.

Writing is a solitary profession, yes. But the health of your writing career is not just in talent but in community.

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