Grind On The Posts

To be a writer in a digital age can be overwhelming.

Being an independent author can be difficult. However, with the creative age you now inhabit, you have the added blessing of being about to put out posts as quickly as your mind can dream them up! With that said, in a visual data-rich society, you have to become comfortable with being visible.

There is no way around this.

Just like becoming a better writer only happens by writing, you get exposure for your work through social media!

Think of social media as an agent you can hire at-will.

But you have to work your platform. You have to work your work. In working your work, that includes social media. As I said before, it is the best use of your time to pick 1-2 platforms that you will or can consistently post on. And post to them.

Scheduling your posts can allow you to keep or modify your writing schedule. The goal is to write, and get your work seen by other people outside you personal fan sphere. The goal is to have work seen, commented on or shared. Becoming a writer on social media allows the unique opportunity to be seen an a professional capacity, while also being accessible to your particular audience or fan base.

Anne Rice has a Facebook page and she calls those at follow her page, ‘the People of The Page.’ On this page, she makes announcements, tells of special projects and book releases. Her assistant, Beckett, also sometimes posts for her as well! This allows those whom are fans of her work to have access to her, ask questions, while still being able to enjoy her work.

Facebook is used by more than half the world. So is Twitter and Instagram. Use all the tools at your disposal. Don’t let the world miss your genius because you forgot to post that you’re creating genius stuff!

Go forth and post!

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