Start A Page, Build An Audience

Social media is a writer’s best friend.

Writing is, and can be an profession.

Think about it! Your thoughts are your only company, and your success depends on the boldness of your imagination. Building an audience is the last thing you want to do when a draft is sitting on you desktop or desk,–seeming to mock you.

But there is hope!

I creating an official author page on social media, you stake your claim on the marketing portion of your writing career. Writing is a solo profession, yes. But all your brilliance is for naught, if no one can find it and if they have no idea who you are.

Having a presence on social media allows you to interact with other writers (always a plus!) and allows you to find potential readers for your work (double plus)! However, here three things you should keep in mind for this specific tool:

The Professional Self. Your page should be different than your personal page. This page should be for announcements, new work and link to anything that you want people to know. My best advice is to keep the professional self and personal online self separate. This will help with privacy also. The better you able to market yourself as well.

Interactions. You can always change your level of interaction with your following. You can link other media to these specific pages, to post at a scheduled time. You can allow messages to be sent to these particular social media accounts. It is all up to you! The idea for interactions is to network and build your community. You can even schedule time to do live videos speaking directly to your audience. Being interactive can help shape your brand!

Posting & Content. What I love about having a ‘professional self’ is being able to be interactive with the audience! I run a blog and can marry those postings with the professional page. This allows for consistent, posted content. Scheduling this way gives you freedom and flexibility for dual engagement! Maximize your tools and outcomes for the best possible results.

There are people whom are dying to be your fans. But they have to know where to find you first.

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