Encouragement Pages: 07/03/2019

Don’t throw the draft away because it’s hard!

Keep at it!

This is the hardest thing to do sometimes, especially when it feels that you cannot find *The Flow.

But think of inspiration at the weather patterns. Some conditions have to be right or change for optimal weather–or for it to change. However, while waiting for sun, you have to wait out the rain.

This means research. This means freewrite. This means remember that you can start this work and come back to it. You can start something new! But don’t quit. Wait out the rain. Get your umbrella.

Matter of fact, jump in the puddles.

Enjoy the journey.

With Love & Ink,


Note: The Flow is this concept that I’ll discuss on the YouTube channel. For now, just know that The Flow is what every writer chases.

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