Encouragement Pages-08/16/2019-The Flow Of It All

This is a deeper concept that you think.

The Flow, the Stream, The Inspiration, whatever you call it–that unmistakable surge of power and energy–it is three-fold.

It can be created.

It can be maintained.

It can be destroyed.

What I admonish you to do as your contemplate giving up on your work, or another working day, is to consider what grants you the most energy. It is music? A walk outside? Sex?

Hey, I have heard stories!

I want you to learn to cultivate these spaces. I want you to learn your own habits and patterns when you write! I want you to learn what your distractions are. What, where, who your joys are!

I want you to be able to harness, cultivate and ride your inspiration. Not be subject to it.

You can do it.

With Love & Ink,


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