The Tribe Starts Here

New YouTube Channel: JBHarris Writing Services

Are you shocked?

No one is more shocked than me, honestly. With all the content that I create, the next logical step is going to a larger audience! This audience includes you lovely people, as well people whom desire to see what I do behind the scenes.

Here is a brief rundown of the channel and what to expect:


JBHarris Writing Services is a channel where help guidance, resources and teaching materials are given and made available to those desiring to become writers.

What To Expect

On the YouTube Channel, you will still see the things you love like the One Minute Words (posted on Instagram), as well as The 10-Minute Take.

I wanted to implement the 10-Minute Take this past summer, but life got in the way. The 10-Minute Take is when I take a concept or topic and expound on it for 10 minutes; this will be similar to One Minute Words.

There will be book reviews, author shout outs, and even glimpses into my TBR list! But the emphasis will always be writing, giving tools to do that better.


The goal in the beginning is to upload at least twice a week. There are videos that I haven’t shown on any other social media. These videos will be there as well.

So, expect a flurry of videos in the beginning, and at least two videos a week on Mondays and Fridays. There may be bonus videos sprinkled in, but those are the main two days for right now.

Don’t worry, dear ones. The blog will still be up! I will still post, and create–this is just the next leg of this journey.

I hope you’ll be the part of it.

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