Learning To Swing Or How To Learn To Push

There is a discipline to writing.

That discipline, that ability to will your imagination beyond what you think is available, is what will sustain you when you think no words will come.

When I was a little girl, my Aunt Linda taught me how to swing. She told me that I had to ‘pump’. She taught me how to swing because she wasn’t always going to be there to help me to push–to get me as high up as I wanted to be. She taught me to generate my own power, my own speed, and do it from inside me.

This is the same wisdom I am going to give to you.

The power to write, even when you don’t want to, is within you. In those core muscles which make up inspiration, motivation and creation. You can do what your imagination is demanding–you must push.

In order to reach the height within, you must push.

You push past what zaps your time.

You push past the voice that tries to sap your ideas.

You push past the lie of ‘there is just no time.’

Just like you pump your knees, grabbing the links on the swing to hang on as you ascend, it will take that same tenacity to create when you don’t think you can.

What you need, you already have. Just how deep are you willing to reach down to get it.

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