Write Until The Hero Comes

Let me tell you something. The hero is in you.

Fear is a doubt that has rooted. I need you to remember this, dear ones. You have enough in you, and you will have enough you have access to, in order for you to write.

Stephen King says that this type of writing, the kind of writing that looks hard, that feels harder, that whispers to you that all these letters and screen space is impossible–it isn’t.

Just like Captain America in the ice; like Han Solo in the Carbonite; just like T’Challa in Wakanda; Iron-Man with the Iron Gauntlet with all Infinity Stones; The Phoenix in the White Hot Room; Gamora as Requiem (Google it!) Captain Marvel in the outer terrain of space–the hero is accessible. But you have to find it. The paths, and pathways which you find this hero are as individual as the writers are.

Whom is the hero you ask?

The hero is inspiration. The hero is your discipline, your tenacity to find the work, the idea, the story through what seems to be a maniacal mess on the page. The hero is the time exerted. The hero is making a first draft from a through when you thought it all was trash.

The hero is the ability to create a work, in spite of the doubts.

The hero is the ability to work in the face of all things telling you otherwise.

The hero is you. Your talent. Your written, displayed, vulnerable bravery.

The hero is inside of you. Reach and get him–or her.

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