The Things That Keep You Up At Night

Yes, it is October!

Thirty days of chills and fears that will culminate in what my writer friend calls Goth Christmas (Halloween). But this month we will be focusing on the scary parts of writing and how to overcome them.

Also! As an added treat, the host of Nightlight: The Black Horror Podcast will be doing an interview with the podcast later this month! Tonia Thompson, the creator and founder of Nightlight has been running this platform for almost three seasons. I think that her insights on writing, especially as a horror writer by trade, will be unique. Her perspective? Needed.

I consider Tonia a resource and a trusted writing friend. And in the immortal words of Tananarive Due, “Black people have always loved horror; horror hasn’t always loved us.”

Find out more about Tonia and Nightlight, or to know how to support, the podcast as part of the Nightlight Legion, please click here.

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