Encouragement Pages-10/07/2019

Writers who don’t write are a different sort of person.

And there is a special kind of terror that overtakes when you are a writer, and for one reason or another, you cannot write.

This is wrapped up around time.

This also shows itself in the crippling fear of thinking that you can’t do it.

This also is the fear the tells you no one is ever going to read it and you have nothing to say.

To those of my tribe that come here for inspiration, whom are unaware of the writer-self that lay within.

Today, I ask you to examine. And be honest with everything you see inside of you. If you have no urge to write, if words are not your charge, then I ask you to leave it where it is.

Leave it where it lay.

If writing is not what you want to do, do not do it.

If it is something that you cannot be without, do it often.

With Love & Ink,


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