In All Things…

It’s always odd when I tell my writing tribe to be grateful for the doubts one has while being creative. As I said before: the doubts are a gut-check. They keep you honest! They remind you to respect your craft and keep you working at it.

It inspires discipline

It inspires learning.

It inspires building your toolkit!

With whatever you write, I want you to know the doubt is something to be thankful for–that part right before you begin.

That part RIGHTTHERE? Yeah. That’s always the scariest part. Will always be the scariest part.

But you begin so you can see how it ends.

You must see how it ends.

The doubt comes so you can listen to what the story has to say, not necessarily to what people/fans/agents/tribe want you to write. Stephen King says the story will reveal itself–you have to chisel it out of the rock of imagination.

The rock is always waiting.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the chisel.

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