The 10-Minute Take-The 5-Mile Sprint

With all that I am up to, I am excited to get back to recording YouTube videos! I spoke bout the Ten-Minute Take this past summer. This first Ten-Minute Take will relate to the concept of the 5-mile sprint Shonda Rhimes spoke about in her book The Year Of Yes.

When I heard it, I had to break it down, expounding more and putting my stamp of approval of this concept as a fellow writer. Look for this later this morning.

It will consist of the following ideas:

5-Mile Sprint 


• concept taken from THE YEAR OF YES (S. Rhimes)
• Put on podcast as well (Bonus episode)

Give proper credit and citations on YouTube Channel. 

Crucial takeaways:

-Why this is important?
-Why the access time this space is important?
-How does a writer access this quicker?
-How to clear the space

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