The Good Packrat: Writers Save (Almost) Everything

Writers are weird people.

We are a clan, a guild of quilted together people. We save stuff that seems to make no sense to other people, some of us have photographic memories for people and places, and there are those of us whom can remember conversations from years ago–verbatim.

Writers by nature, are pack rats. However, there are worse things.

As this month closes, I want you to think about the things you keep or have kept. Pictures, ticket stubs, memories that reoccur.

Examine what you’re holding on to, and what it can be used for. Purging of such things from time to time works as well. With the invention of flash drives and iClouds, you can save such physical imagery for ever with a smart phone.

Purge your precious items, dear ones. Channel the memories into art, the art into the work you desire others to read. Sift through what is needed, what calls to you, and what will add to the work.

Save. Sort. Keep.

But write.

Keep writing.

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