Digging Up The Graveyards

Dig up the graveyards.

Uncover the secrets.

Be brave when you open the things you thought, just knew, were dead.

Open them up.

The work will remain unfinished as long as you ignore it. As long as you believe what is before you is not worth finishing, it will remain so!

I want you to know one crucial thing–the work is only dead if the artist is. The work is dead only if the artist is!

I need you to look at what you have created. I need you to look at what you have created, in order to get the faith to finish it. I want you to realize when you abandon a work, it doesn’t vanish.

It doesn’t matter how long ago you created the worlds, made the heroes, vanquished the villainous or preserved the righteous, or made the supernatural mundane. The work is not gone, you are still here to finish it.

It is yet still there. Waiting on you.


The pen, paper, and computer file is your shovel. Start digging. Give it new life, added perspective, new experiences or a stronger voice. Rage against the dying of the light. Break the ceiling with surround it! Shatter the cocoons.

Rescue what you abandoned. Now.

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