Thunder Rolling Down The Mountains: Writing The Things You Want

Let me be clear using the wisdom of Chloe Ardelia Wooford, known though the world as Toni Morrison:

If there is a book you want to read, you may have to write it.”

This type of boldness comes with the story you want to write, the desire to write it, surpasses what you believe other people may think about what you want to write.


Keep writing.

You must know writing is determined by you. Nikki Giovanni said if you write like someone is looking over your shoulder, you will never write! I agree. You cannot let an audience (or the threat of a lack of one) stop you, convince you to stop writing.

You must realize that the basis of creativity is to write what YOU want–not what anyone else would want you to write! Understand that what you desire to create must first come from you, and no one else. You must be willing to mine what you have stored inside of you–and share it with the world.

You must.

You can.

You have thunder on the inside of you—and you must let the world hear it.

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