The Flow–Creative Energy

Oh, The Flow.

This energy, this power, all writers and artists are familiar with. It is this power that we tap into in order to create. The Judeo-Christian Bible and beliefs tell us that ‘God move on the face of the water.’ And I believe that the flow, like God, is this vast ocean.

I think if ‘the flow’ as this infinite body of water, and every writer has this access to this. Every. Single. Writer. It is hard to describe if you never felt it before, or forgotten what it feels like! It is the rush, this power, this shudder divine that emboldens you to think that you can create anything.



Short story.



The Flow begins as this ebb, this nudge that reminds you to write. Reminding you that you have something to say, so you should write it down. That ebb becomes a trickle–especially when you obey the ebbing. From that ebbing a trickle, and as you write? There, dear one, is The Flow.

The Flow allows you to create in a space that is unfettered by time, not constrained by the gaze of others–it is just you and you imagination. Not as a spar, but as a dance.

You give yourself permission for your self—raw, angry and sweet–to be accessed without filter. Enjoy it–tap into it.

Use it.

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