The Flow: Drops In The Ocean

The hardest thing for writers to do is to keep going. The reason it is hard is because to write is to put your imagination on paper is a form of intimacy not many people prepare for–or can accept! The one thing that is important to remember that you control just how much the world sees of your imagination. Bear this in mind, dear Oracle. You control just how much you give and show the world. Your talent in all its power is an ocean–before you unleash it all, try a few drops first!

Give the world a stream before you give them a tidal wave.

What does this mean, you ask? It means being confident in your talent, and write what you are comfortable with before wading out into deeper or more complex things. All the while, remember that you have the ability to write what you want. However, remember the wisdom of Ernest “Papa” Hemingway: “All first drafts are sh– (this is a direct quote).” Sometimes, the ‘drops’ are the beginnings of the draft you want to write. The drops are the beginning—remember this! With keeping in mind that your talent is an ocean (especially the more you write). It is the access to this creative energy (the Flow), your confidence will build.

Your writing will improve and your imagination will stretch in ways you haven’t seen yet! Embrace the drops, they will feed the ocean of your talent with time. All writer have–and need–is time.

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