The Flow: Making Your Own Oceans

This month, my goal is to remind you of the magic you have a writer to not only wield your talent, but to exercise it in a focused space. I want you to have to the confidence to go forth and explore your talent. I want you to remember not to fear your imagination, neither should you fear the sweeping of the urge, unction, the surge to write. I want you to be at peace with commanding your talent in a dedicated space and as well as yielding to that same power to create.

I want you to remember why you write. The why is just as important as the want. The want will fuel the why. One cannot exist without the other. The sooner you come to peace with this, the sooner (the quicker) you will be able to access this creative energy. The Flow is not this nebulous thing, and I hope that I have explained as best I can what it is, and what it is not.

After this month, I want you to know that as a writer–you are magic! You are more than capable to create, destroy and rebuild as you see fit. Stop selling yourself short! Stop believing that your talent is accident and incidental. You are a well on your way to a life you desire to write. If I leave you with one more permission, it is (will always be) write where you need to be. No one else can. All power and time is up to you.

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