Encouragement Pages-11/26/2020: Bonus (3 WRITING PROMPTS)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

For this holiday, I have three prompts either stimulate your imagination or to give you a reprieve from family (#TooMuchTogetherness). 

Prompt #1:  Imagine your happiest Thanksgiving. Now,  imagine meeting your future self or younger self at this gathering.

Prompt #2:  You are walking home from a Thanksgiving event, and pass a vacant house and see lights on. No one has lived there in years. What do you do next?

Prompt #3:   Imagine yourself as a wandering ghost, looking at another family dining in your family home. 

If you want to submit your prompt, feel free! Email your prompt to writelife.jbharris@gmail.com. They will be featured here and on The Writers’ Block podcast! Get them end by December 30, 2020! Good luck!

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