Here’s a Pro-Tip: Poor Planning Stresses Writers Out!

There are some in this guild that thrive on the madness of the writing. This is fine for a piece to flash fiction or a first draft, but you must understand one thing:  your story will need a plan, and you need to plan for your story. What does plan for your story mean? This means that you need to have some accessible, reasonable outline that what is you desire to create! I know there are pantsers and plotters–and to a degree writing is very sporadic. But, you are the writer! You are the creator of these worlds! Since you are in charge, you must stay in charge. You must steer the story, and bend it to your will! One of the ways this is done is to have a way forward. Some writers choose to carefully outline every detail of the story (Plotters). There are some that like to see where it goes based off a flash fiction piece (or one of the ‘pieces we discussed last week!) or they writer with a particular plot in mind, being open to plans changing to fit the story (Pantsers). Either way is correct, and dependent upon the writer. Find which way works for you. Bu, write! Write until the plan comes!Writing can become a wilderness rapidly. Don’t begin the journey without an axe or a lantern. Trust me–you’ll need both.

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