Letter From The Writing Desk: Memo To Your 2021

Dear Writer-

It is the first day of a new year. Considering the chaos and wreckage that was 2020, it is nice to have a blank slate in front of us. With that said, I need you to know three things. I believe in these three things will help empower you through your 2021: own your pen, write boldly, protect your writing space.

Let’s examine those further.

Own Your Pen. Your talent, your gift is yours. You must realize that to own the title of writer means you must own all you create. Own your imagination. Own your daydreaming! Own every idea, ever hesitation and every win–no matter how small. Own the fact that being a writer means there’s only one explanation: you must write. Let 2021 be the year opportunities are given to you–even if you have to create them.

Write Boldly. You have heard me quote Stephen King often in this space, especially “You cannot come lightly to the blank page.” In this new year, give yourself the permission to create as you never have. Let the the thoughts come as they need to, as they have to! I want you to become more confident in what you want to create. Do not allow 2021 to dictate your talent, ideas or passions. Write because you can and continue because you must.

Protect Your Writing Space. Alfred Hitchcock is quoted to have said, “I am a writer, therefore, automatically a suspicious character.” For that suspicious nature, the space by which, and in which, you create should be as unique as the writer whom inhabits it. Make your space conducive to your writing, and be specific! Do you need it warm or cold? Do you need a specific time blocked off? Do you need music or quiet? Once you decide what it is you need, be aware of the discipline and focus it will take in order to maintain both writing time and space. Be intentional about it. Be vicious about it! Be intentional about it! The more you access your gifts and talents, the easier they will be to access.

I wish you luck this year, Dear Writer. I wish you long, light and easy ideas and the bravery to chase what isn’t so easy. Continue when it’s hard, do not get cocky when it is easy, and remember your ideas are yours. Above all, own your pen–and all the power in it.

With Love & Ink,


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