Book In A Year: Month 2-Starting The Process.

This week, I am going to review the concept of the ‘Draft Drawer’ introduced in January 2020. This is discussed on The Writers’ Block Podcast as well. Follow the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify.

Some of the anxiety I have seen with potential writers and authors revolves around this one potential question:

“What am I going to write about?” My answer to this question is, “Whatever you want to write about.” The question that I ask as a counter is, “What have you written about before?”

I want to encourage you to stop throwing your work away! I want you to start going through the work that you haven’t finished or even looked at! Those pieces of work in your personal draft drawer and see what you have. Sometimes the thing that you want to write about, you might have written about before. You may have come across it before. When you begin to harvest your draft drawer, you don’t know what you might find!

The source of inspiration may have been something that started well and have petered out. You have have run out of time before. You may have gotten discouraged! But, the idea may not have left you–even in the back of your mind. Follow that unction.

Go and see what you left behind.

Note: I cannot encourage you enough to start to save your work! No matter if it is a title, 3 sentences, or four pages. Begin to save your work and save it in two places. This is can only help you.

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