Starting The Process: Brainstorming

I got two words for you: FLASH FICTION.

This is a tool by which you can chase an idea, flip and idea or even rework it. The goal of flash fiction is just that–a piece of fiction written that is between 1-3 pages. Think of it as a warm up! This way you are able to better visualize or conceptualize a particular idea.

Flash fiction is a tool that I recommend, and cannot recommend enough, because of its flexibility! One of the ways you can exercise your brainstorming time is indeed through the tool of flash fiction.

Practical application/Hint:

If you feel that you are ready to write on a particular project, give yourself 2 pages to work the idea. Two pages may seem alot when you’re working on an idea, but think of it this way.

Key: 250 words =1 page.

Blank pages are your canvas. Words your colors. The story that you want to ultimately tell is your draw. Let no one take your canvas, your colors or your brush. Own all of them. All the time…no matter what.

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