Book In A Year Series-Month 3: Maintaining Focus (Outlining Vs. Pantsers-1)

In writing a book, there are two types of writers. There are those that write with outlines (Outliners) and there are those that write totally by gut…or by the seat of their pants (Pantsers). The determination of who exactly you are is found in how you start your work.

If you need the map, use them faithfully, you’re an Outliner.

If you need to just get it out and go back later, you’re a Pantser.

Both of these methods are valid.

The beautiful thing about writing is that you can vacillate between these two things, and still gravitate towards one more than the other. I, personally, I am more of a Pantser–that’s my creative nature! I like being able to create outside the box. Yet, I know the power that an outline can give!

As you continue your progress towards finishing your book, it is important to know (or at least be aware!) of which type of writer you are, or have the potential to be. Knowing this, will give you the confidence you will need in order to finish your draft.

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