Writer’s Spotlight: Vernon L. Coleman

Vernon L. Coleman is an independent author represented by Stephanie A. Wynn! With writing being the independent, variant path that it is, Vernon came to his writing journey, in a unconventional way. In his words “No one knew I was doing it.” Vernon says when he has solitary feelings, he writes. He also goes on to say, “I have written many exhortations that are not in the book. Usually if a scripture is heavy on my mind, I write to elaborate on it. But I enjoy writing the poems too.”

Yet, in his writing journey, he keeps his faith at the forefront of his mind:

It has been an amazing journey because when I write under God’s inspiration, I am in awe. Awe because I know He is near, and He takes me out of myself in a way to write what he gives me. It’s amazing because it’s like each writing is an assignment or a lesson for me to learn first, and then others. There is no better feeling than to know God is using you for the promotion of his kingdom.

Vernon L. Coleman

When asking how he defines success as a writer, he says that it is measured by the impact on someone’s life. “Also, when people take the time out of their busy day to tell me how much they enjoyed it. I equate that with success.” When asked about future plans, Vernon wants to write a book, and perhaps one of those will be a children’s book.

Vernon L. Coleman can be found on Facebook (for now) and V. L. Coleman & Associates with plans for expansion. His current works are Father…They Know Not What They Do, and God’s Poetic Reach to a Lost and Dying World! These books can be purchased on these two websites: www.godspoeticreach.com or www.vernonlcoleman.com. They can also be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

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