Book In A Year Series-Month 3: Maintaining Focus (Outliners Vs. Pantsers-2)

Last week, we talked about the difference between the two types of writers: Outliners and Pantsers. Knowing which one you are helps immensely. Trust me.

But, let’s take Outliners first.

We all know what an outline is. All an outline is a map. It helps you to develop ideas before you write them out. These are used as reference points and there are a myriad of ways to construct one! If you are one that needs that reference point or anchor, use it!

If you construct your outline with some degree of flexibility, then you will be able to add to it when need be or when the story allows (or demands). The goal of an outline is to track your ideas to give you an idea to where you are going, and need to go next.

This is a power that many writers don’t tap into nearly enough. The fact that you are able to see what you want to write before you write it, this is a magic, dear one. Tap into it. But, don’t be afraid to adjust the course of it if you need to.

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