Writer Spotlight: Talva

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“As a Writer, I am inspired by everything and everyone around me.” -Talva

All authors have their journeys, which is why writing is so incredible! For this author, it is apparent that words are indeed her passion. Allow Talva to explain just how she got started:

My writing journey began with me having a personal story that burned inside of me. It was a way to clear my soul of emotionally bonding baggage. Once I completed and published my first book, it then became a personal challenge to see if I could do it again.  Eureka! I did it again. I have learned so much about writing since my first project. Much like some musicians. Sometimes people have raw talent. They may have never taken any music courses, and have no idea of how to read music. But somehow, they can pick up, a guitar for instance, and just play. Or play by ear. Along the way, they may pick up the academic aspects and learn scholastic skillsets along their creative journey. I’ve been a writer in that way.

Talva the Author

I love that she says, “Eureka! I did it again.” It is indeed and incredible feeling when you as a writer dig the story out of yourself, pushing it from your head to your hands, and are driven to do it again. This is the mark of a writer that I (personally) want to read more of. She also has a children’s book in the works–so be on the look out for that!

With her desire to write and tell stories, has a practical view of success and what it means to be a successful writer. Talva does not count, or measure, success as writer by how many books she sells, or words she may write in a day! She measures success as finishing her book, and having its physical representation in her hand. Talva says, “Regardless of what anyone thinks about it, I did it. I saw the process through from beginning to end.”

As a writer, as a mentor, and as one who coaches other writers, what she has shared is crucial. You have to understand that writing is a process, and you (the writer) write for yourself (the same writer) first! Toni Morrison said, “The book you want to read, you may have to write!” Since you, must write it–you owe it to yourself to complete the process of writing the book that you want. If you can remember this, everything else will fall into place. Talva is reminding us to trust the process!

Talva likes to write about the things she knows, and is not opposed to putting aspects of herself (or her whole self) into a story. “All creative-minded people that construct products for others to enjoy, will almost always, on some level, submerge themselves in their work. That’s what makes their creative work the most intense, in-depth or relatable.”

When reflecting on what her best piece of writing of writing advice she has received, she says it is to pay for professional editing. I could not agree more! A good editor will notice what you don’t, fix what you overlook, and should return you work to you better than before. Do not skimp on editing!

Continue to slay the words, Talva! We know that you have more in you to come–and we want to read every, single word! Brava!

All Talva’s books can be found on all bookseller’s platforms: Amazon, B&N (Barns & Noble), Kobo, Indiebound, Audible, Google Play, BAM (Books A Million). Remember to share, read and review!

Current Works:

Enigma The Only Child Syndrome

Caramel Insides (Cinematic Audiobook)

Future Works (these are of an adult nature!):

A Book Of Lucid Dreams

Dicks Lies And Alibis

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