Start now. But start!

What makes a draft so powerful is that it is the representation of your idea. These ideas you have pushed from your mind through your hands! You did it, you are doing it, you are drafting it.

There are three things that make a draft powerful.

CREATION. First drafts are messy. They are confusing! They are like cutting through a forest with a whole pocket knife! The process can be chaotic and scary. But there is joy there. What is the joy? Where is the joy? It comes from the face you began. Since you began, continue.

INSPIRATION. In creating of a new stories, in the creating of new people, there are no rules. You are able to pull from all experiences (real, imagined and reimaged) to create the world that you want. Don’t lose sight of that.

RESTART. Remember, writing is a process! Until you get everything out of you, there is no way to know what else is there. This is what second drafts are for! In order to add to what you want, to fix what you want, to see what could be there–the pages cannot be blank.

The blank pages are the enemy. Subdue them–ruthlessly.

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