Book In A Year Series: Month 7- The Power Of A Rewrite

This week we are talking about adding in/taking out of your work. Refer to ON WRITING for more about this concept. -JBH

When I have to do rewrites or visions, I get excited! For me, the hardest part is getting everything out! Once it is out, THEN I can say what I want to say.

With that tendency, I like to put more story in! I add more detail, I add more people, places, and problems. I add what I believe the story needs. My revision is a place where I stuff my story. I put things in the story I didn’t even think I could because I didn’t quite know where to put it. Don’t be afraid to add.

Even though I naturally put in my work, taking out of it is something that I am comfortable with. I realize that what I take out, had to be taken out—and there is one story that I want to tell. And I have to be brave enough to tell that one.

I have to remember that I can only tell one story at a time. Just one. Then another.

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