Book In A Year Series: Month 8-What Does It Mean To Rewrite?

I get excited when I have rewrites to do! I’m an odd writer that way. The hardest part for me (depending on the topic or story), is getting all I want to say on paper. I’m much better at the re-writes and edits. I can see what I want to say. But rewrites for me are the confirmation of what I wanted to write the whole time! It allows me the freedom to write what I want, like I want, and leave the rest to whatever edits may come!

Rewrites allow me as a write the control that I wanted to have, and didn’t have during the first draft! During the first draft, the goal is to get through it. The goal is to write it, and not focus on the work! The re-writes allow my imagination to flex and to wrap around the story again. Which is a powerful thing! Embrace the journey, make the rewrites, adjust to the edits and write the story you want.

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