Book In A Year Series: Month 8-What Does It Mean To Rewrite?

As we head towards September and BACK TO WRITING MONTH, it is important to celebrate the progress you have made while doing your WIP. No matter how great the progress, or how small–progress is progress! Be proud of it.

Here are 10 tips on how to get through a rewrite:

1.) Edits are made to be implemented and questioned.

2.) Make time to process what it is you are writing (Don’t do DIRECTLY into a rewrite after finishing a draft)

3.) Give yourself a reasonable deadline to finish your rewrites.

4.) If you have a professional editor, ask where the darlings are (remember ON WRITING).

5.) Don’t be afraid to ask beta readers about their thoughts–they can only help.

6.) Don’t be afraid to rewrite in parts.

7.) Don’t be afraid to change a POV if it will help.

8.) Give celebrate as you go.

9.) In the case of collaborations, present all edits/rewrites and get a plan together to implement these changed.

10.) If the deadline doesn’t meet your needs, change it.

Remember I am proud of you, and keep going.

See you next month!

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