The podcast is going to talk about THE STUCK this month, and there are going to be KEYS this month too. Stay turned. -JBHarris

It’s that time of year again!

I deemed September Back to Writing Month almost three years ago. I believe that September is that time of year where I think introspection becomes much more of a focus. The seasons are changing, the time is about to change again, and soon Fall will turn into Winter. We are going to start spending more time indoors, so what better things can you do with that time indoors other than write?

Back to Writing Month is a time of expectation. preparation, and even revisiting the ideas that visited you, floated in your head, while rolling to work, or washing dishes, or watching kids play. Let’s normalize daydreaming, brainstorming and chasing all ideas! Normalize writing when you want to. September is that time of year I believe is galvanizing towards creativity if you maximize time for it!

One of my mentors, Dr. Drucilla Wall, told me in one of the last classes I had with her, “Make time for the time of the mind.” For me, September (and all of Fall!) is when I make this time.

I chase ideas.

I brainstorm.

I research.

And I make time–am more intentional–about writing. It becomes more important! The time spent writing is more important, needs to be more important, and has to be more important. September is when I allow my creativity to flourish, to run, and I am in childlike awe of it!

Indeed, September is special–and I hope this September will be to you as well.

Happy Writing!

With Love & Ink,



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