Book In a Year Series-Month 11: THE SMOOTH OUT


You are almost there! You have been a part of this book writing journey 11 months. That is nothing to sneeze at, dear writer! One of my hopes in all of this lies in whether or not you gleaned strength and wisdom on how to keep writing the book that you want. One of the things that you are going to have to confront is the bravery to keep going. Ergo, THE SMOOTH OUT.


Noun (in the JBHarris lexicon).

This is the process by which you take the draft you are working on, and/or after revision, you are pushing towards publishing a certain work; considering current work for another revision.

This part of the writing process has to be mentioned, because it requires you to be serious, and be intentional about the work you have completed.

Don’t be afraid to examine.

Don’t be afraid to afraid and rework it.

Don’t be afraid to…continue if the story dictates.

Don’t be afraid to keep going…as the story dictates.

Keep going.

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