This month want you to examine your ‘ands’. This is what I call an ‘and’ as it relates to writing/being a write.

As a writer your ‘and’ is anything that allows you to explore your greater identity. As for me, I am Black and a woman. If I were to expand that our further, I could.

A more expanded identity is I am a Black and cis, and heterosexual, and a woman, and a mother, and a writer.

With this expanded identity, it affects how I walk through the world, and experience it. All those experiences influence and can factor into your own writings.

You have to learn your ‘ands’ and accept them. With that acceptance, you will be able to be more honest and earnest in your writing, forging ahead with that complete knowledge of yourself.

A writer’s dichotomy is what makes every writer unique. Embrace that, own that, and bring that to your work.

You owe the world your authentic self.

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