Let’s just be honest, writers are complicated people!

Some writers love the HEA’s (Happily Ever Afters) to follow chaos, madness and destruction fueled by our own imaginations! We love constructing the villains only to make them fall, and raise or forge the heroes. And what is a hero other than the best of ourselves? A person constructed from our best experiences, happiest moments and all joy?

Your own good experiences!

These are your victories, your happy memories, celebration of your own living, surviving and living life on your terms!

It is the joys of my life which allow me to believe HEA’s exist and are applicable to me! Since they are applicable to me, I can give that to other people. The good things in my life are my balance and bravado! These experiences also keep me humble.

As cliché as it might be, I think of my life as a garden. There are harder parts which had to be broken up to make room for the new things to not be choked out!

I also am grateful for the rain that watered what I thought would be hopeless. It’s balance! I am able to be happy looking over this garden of experiences and see now how everything works together, and how I am able to bring all those things to any work.

I can create complex villains and heroes who outwit them.

I can create impossible looking situations, because I have survived them or escaped them.

Realize that the good parts are excellent because they give your focus, they give strength and perspective. They fill your joy tank!

Writing provides balance, in order to give the bravado to your readers! Give them a hero to model after or villainy to avoid. Our job as a writers is to remind the world that it is bigger–and smaller–than we could ever think.

Happy Writing!

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