Writing is a vehicle of curing the impossible.

For the writer Amy Tan, she speaks of this often–and has done this throughout her writing career! Through the vehicle of fiction, being knowledgeable of her own family history, she changed the outcome of those true events. When speaking to her mother and her other extended family, she was able to say what her mother could not, did not, and may have been too scared to say.

You as you want to be has generational impact! When we take the experiences of others to make them malleable to and for fiction? This is where your writing work becomes most powerful!

Where does that power come from?

That power comes from knowing your source material–knowing its outcome!–and pulling that information from what had happened to what could have happened. Never think that the work you do is or will be fruitless–someone needs to see the happily every after. Even if it is on paper.

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