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A Black woman made this.

May 16, 2019, I started this podcast with a free app, a pen and a notebook. I sat on this podcast for the better part of a year, since 2017, really. I am still in awe of this platform!

As of this posting, there are over 115+ podcast episodes, streaming across 3 platforms, and 4 complete seasons. At the time of this publishing, I am working on Seasons 6 and 7.

I am an independent writer, writing coach, and producer, with a podcast which was created because I was tried to Black writers giving up. This indeed is a love work, a passion project, and a work necessary for Black writers.

Roxane Gay said that writers have to be good literary citizens–being able to give back to a community which gives them so much. This podcast is one of those ways that I give back to a community which has given me to much.

Black Writers Matter…and we always will.

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