This month will be hard, it will be a little invasive, but it will be needed. -JBH

“The scariest part is right before you begin.” -Stephen King

Writing is hard. Full stop.

And for that difficulty, it can be hard in these three areas (the three C’s): courage, continuing, consistency. And if left unchecked, these C’s turn into the big F: FEAR.

And FEAR is something that writers have to realize exists, and still have to navigate! The fear of writing won’t go away, but we must learn how to manage that. It gets easier, I promise.

But it gets easier once you confront what it is that fuels or feed your fears. Let us examine those through the vehicle of the three C’s.

Courage. What thing stops you from writing as you want? What fear is stopping you from writing bravely?

Continuing. If you have drafts or projects that you haven’t finished, why is that? What is stopping you from completing what you start?

Consistency. Writers have to—write. Do you have a writing schedule or time set aside to write? If you don’t, why not?

And as you begin to answer these questions, think about your own internal processes, you will have to own what scares you. Once you do, writing will be easier.

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