Here are the 10 things you need to consider when confronting your fears in order to navigate them (read: conquer them!):

1.) Be honest with yourself.

2.) Figure out what works for you and be open to changing that.

3.) If the fear is reoccurring, consider why this; writers have reoccurring fears for a reason. Find the reason.

4.) Fear comes from a place of not being in control. What do you think you don’t have control of?

5.) Now that the fear is identified, what will you do to own it (by doing so, you stop being paralyzed by it)?

6.) Are you willing to adapt to what is needed to be changed?

7.) What is /could stop you from adapting to these needed changes?

8.) What things have hindered you from owning these things before?

9.) Is the fear that you need to confront healthy or irrational (it makes a difference!)?

10.) When all else fails, repeat as necessary.

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