September 2022: …Nevermore.

TW: Trauma; writing about trauma

There is a healing nature to writing, and that need, the power that writing has to be a scalpel to the heart.

In writing of such deep and personal matters (of yourself and others), be prepared for what might shake loose. It may not be so easy to overcome, or forget.

There are elements I have used in my own fiction from my own life that are painful, or sometimes just not dealt with. This is where metaphors come in, and allegory, which are needed and necessary.

Authenticity is the goal, dear writer. Emotion and their tied, bound experiences are indeed so needed for work to have weight and depth. Remember, as you journey, that you must give yourself a way back. If not, you may dig yourself to a depth which you will need more help to return back from.

Even in the dark, seek the light–bring it with you.

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