December 2022: Let Hope Remain

At this point in my writing career, I have written a few writing manuals.

Bend Blank Pages: Volumes 1-2

How To Write a Draft in 5 Days

So, You Want To Be A Blogger?

These manuals are my contribution to the greater writing community, and as a tool to edify and encourage all the writers I am around, and that I hope to reach. In the MasterClass, Writing In A Time Of Social Change, Roxanne Gay said to be a good literary citizen.

Being able to support and encourage the writers around you, and this is the reason this space exists. Why I do what I do in writing arenas and with teaching opportunities. Keep going! Keep learning! Keep writing!

It’s always hope–all about hope.

Writing, aside from faith, is the only thing I can leave or share which may help change the world.

See y’all next year.

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