January 2023: READY

I believe there is a psychology to writing. This psychology prepares the writer to create worlds, people, issues and keeping those universes whole. The best advice I can give you is the same advice I give myself.

“If you want to write…then you need to write.”


This includes asking these pivotal questions (not all are applicable)

1.) Do I have time to write this?

2.) Will I have time to write this?

3.) Do I have a timeline/deadline?

4.) What do I need to shift around in order to write this?

Yet, the most pivotal question may just be: What do I want to write first?

There are those of us whom are known for having more than one story/poem/project brewing at any one time (guilty)! Yet, but in keeping with our theme this month, one thing which I try to do is have a Plotting Calendar (which I’ll give more insight to this next week), to keep track of everything I’m doing to keep organized!

The hardest part of writing will still be…getting ready to write.

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